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Aerial advertising is easy to set up and amazing to see in action. This unique form of advertising, also referred to as an airplane banner, is one of the few ads people can't ignore. Aerial advertising is eye-catching and attention-grabbing, and guarantees onlookers will eagerly tell their friends what they saw. It is very effective for reaching a large amount of potential customers in a very short amount of time.

Airplane advertising is especially popular during sports events and at stadiums. In Pennsylvania, this includes PSU (Penn State University ) , Beaver Stadium, Nittany Lions and more. Traditional Penn State advertising and Beaver Stadium advertising have nothing on an airplane banner.

College football is attended religiously, and few other than Penn State football. State College PA is a very busy place, especially during the school year and football games. This is the best time for airplane advertising, in order to reach the most people possible. While the service is available year round for personal and commercial use, it yields the best profits when done with large groups of people.

While NFL games such as Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles draw massive crowds and are other great venues to fly your aerial ad, consider that over 110,000 Penn State Football fans pack Beaver Stadium to watch the game and your aerial advertisement.

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