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Aerial Advertising And Blimp Services Across Every Major Market

The ultimate in Aerial Advertising with the ability to provide Aerial TV coverage, surveillance or even function as a communications hub. If you're searching for a new or standout way to get your brand noticed, a giant airship floating across the sky is hard to beat!  There is not a teenager, Gen-X'r or baby boomer that won't look up from their phone when your blimp comes into their field of view! From toddlers to elders, nobody is immune from the magnetic pull of a blimp flying by.

Not only does your blimp captivate hundreds of thousands of people on the ground, it also remains in prime view for much, MUCH longer than a 30-second radio ad, TV commercial or highway billboard. And with the custom proof of performance system from High Exposure, you can watch your blimp travel across its path, on to its destination, then back to the landing field as you see your increase in web, phone and app traffic.

Do you want to fly an aerial advertising blimp but don’t know where to start? Click here to submit a request and we will be in contact with you immediately to help plan your aerial advertising campaign. We have the local insight in all major markets so you can reach your brand’s demographic and consumer market with precision targeting. Our aerial advertising plans and pricing are the most competitive in the country and our customer service is second to none. We look forward to flying your blimp aerial advertising campaign soon!

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