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Thinking About Hiring A Skywriting Plane? Here's Why Airplane Banners Are So Much Better!

Skywriting and aerial advertising are both messages that you see flying overhead, but most of their similarities end faster than the smoke fades in a skywriter plane. 

A common question we hear all the time at High Exposure Aerial Ads is 'what about skywriting?' We can certainly find you a skywriting plane to write your message, but most people will be shocked at the price and disappointed when their message can't be created on the date that they're planning for (like a wedding proposal or birthday wishes). There are very few skywriting aircraft in the United States and even fewer pilots who are capable of writing a message in the sky. Skywriting is achieved by using a plane that can generally write up to six characters, with a skilled pilot who must fly upside down as they decide when smoke is needed for the letters. For longer messages (upwards of 15-25 characters), multiple planes must be used which sends the price skyrocketing. 

With extremely limited availability, and a demand for pilots, skywriting companies can charge a premium for their services — and believe us, they do. Skywriting costs tend to be expensive, which can be hard to fit into a small business’ budget. Our airplane banner ads and rates allow for businesses of all sizes and budgets to benefit from airplane banner advertising.

With airplane banners and aerial advertising service from High Exposure, you pay a fraction of the cost compared to skywriters and it much easier for small business to achieve a successful aerial ad campaign. Aerial advertising through banner planes also provides WAY more options for customizing your ad campaign, allowing you to include your company logo or full color aerial billboard designed and printed by High Exposure Inc.

Skywriting ads are confined to one color (white) and no choice of fonts, backgrounds, or any sort of personalization. Aerial plane banners allow you to create your own custom message with many more characters, use emoji-style graphics and have the option to attach logos or artwork, all while paying far less than skywriting ads would cost. Airplane banners also provide a much higher impression rate and time in contact with your target customer. By the time a skywriter was finishing up a third or fourth letter in your message, the first letters are already starting to fade. Why limit yourself to such a small impression rate? Take control of your message and make sure your customers see everything in a clear and efficient message. 

There's no doubt about it and the comparison is clear: aerial advertising with airplane banners beats skywriting on all levels. Save time, money and frustration and book your aerial ad with High Exposure Inc today. Fill out a contact form here and we'll send you instant quotes, options and more. You'll be happy you did. 


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