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Amplify your client’s traditional media with a captivating aerial advertisingcampaign for millions of impressions. Take advantage of a large scale national presence with High Exposure Aerial Adverting's strategically places air assets throughout the United States, which allows us to keep travel costs down while passing the savings onto your clients. No matter what demographic or target audience, there is no better method of advertising to rise above the noise, and attract favorable attention for your client’s brand. High Exposure Aerial Advertising has experts prepared to manage any campaigns in single or multiple markets throughout the country. High Exposure and it industry partners are able to develop aerial advertising campaigns nationwide.


  • Proof of Performance On Every Flight: All of our aerial advertising flights include GPS tracking, allowing clients to see live results and timing on aerial billboard takeoffs, flight paths and landing times
  • Lowest Rates In The Country: Our strategically located assets allow us to reach any and every major market in the country without the extended travel costs other aerial advertisers charge
  • Experience: With over 30 years in the industry, our company has developed a reputation for consistently exceeding client expectations and delivering results each and every time
  • Custom Service: Our team is always on-hand to answer questions or guide you (and your clients) through the process. We're also available for campaign consultations to make sure your ad is flying at the best times over peak markets to maximize ad impressions.
  • Best Pilots: Our pilots have tens of thousands of air hours in all types of conditions and locations. Our aerial experts also know how to fly our letter bannersaerial billboards and custom air ads in every condition to make sure it gets the best exposure to the crowds below.
  • Save On Production Costs: Ready to start your aerial advertising campaign? Contact us today here to save 10% on all banner production costs. 

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