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Aerial Advertising And Banner Plane Billboards in Long Island, NY

Ready to make a statement with an aerial message flying over Long Island, NY? So are we. We are the aerial advertising experts ready to fly your banner around New York Harbor and any borough.

High Exposure Aerial Advertising has decades of experience flying over The Hamptons, beaches, outdoor festivals, marinas and waterways in and around Long Island. From the beaches and Spring Break crowds to New York Harbor and all of the surrounding areas like Manhattan and the Long Island Sound, we’ve flown airplane banners over just about everything.

An airplane banner isn’t just a unique experience for future clients and customers; it’s an opportunity to reach over half a million people with all eyes directly on your aerial message. Reaching entire stretches of beaches, festivals and waterfronts is simple with aerial advertising—catch the attention of an entire city with a single airplane banner or billboard! Leave no sky untouched; capitalize on our aerial advertising banner planes over the beaches, festivals and city crowds around Long Island, NY by contacting High Exposure Aerial Advertising today!

Do you want to fly a banner plane ad over Long Island, NY but don’t know where to start? Click here to submit a request and we will be in contact with you immediately to help plan your aerial advertising campaign. We have the local insight on all of the upcoming hot spots throughout New York City and The Hamptons so you can reach your brand’s demographic and consumer market with precision targeting. Our aerial advertising plans and pricing are the most competitive in the country and our customer service is second to none. We look forward to flying your airplane banner ad soon!

Aerial Advertising And Banner Plane Ideas for Long Island, NY:

  • Spring Break Crowds
  • The Beaches
  • Marriage Proposals
  • Music Festivals and Concerts
  • Private Parties and Events
  • Car Shows
  • Congratulations Banners
  • Commuter Lines And Highways
  • July 4th Crowds And Events
  • Concerts On The Beach
  • Sports Complexes
  • Marinas
  • New York Harbor
  • And More!


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