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Banner Planes and Aerial Advertising in Chicago

Ready to show get your advertising campaign, brand and message in front of millions of consumer in and around the Greater Chicago area? Rule the skies with a low-cost aerial advertising campaign or custom airplane banner from High Exposure Inc. Our pilots have over 30 years of flight experience and our full-service design team works directly with every client to make sure your high flying aerial billboards grab the attention of the masses below. From custom letter banners and marriage proposal banners to aerial billboards and more, our flights are guaranteed to drive brand awareness and traffic for any size business and budget. With proof of performance and GPS tracking available on every flight, clients are able to track their airplane banners across the city and watch the leads come rolling in. 

High Exposure Aerial Advertising has been an industry leader for decades and we have aerial assets all over the United States. What does this mean for you? It means less flight time for us, which translates to lower cost aerial campaigns you. Our broad network of aerial banner planes and airport locations also means that we cover every major market in the country for fall less than our competitors. What are you waiting for? Contact our aerial advertising team today for a no-obligation quote. 

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