Aerial Advertising with High Exposure

Spring Break Aerial Advertising


Largest Flying Billboards

The GOLD standard in aerial media. Full color, 20′ – 45′ high x 40′ – 120′ wide.
We fly your banner in good weather and over crowded venues!

Logo & Letter Billboards

A great option when you have a continually changing message. Add your logo to stand out from your competition. 7′ – 30′ high x 7′ – 60′ wide.

Specialty Banners

Market to your audience, your message, your brand, your way! We fly over beaches, sporting events, and so much more!

Airplane Advertising

We dare you to look up! Aerial Advertising nationwide!

After 22 years in the industry and tens of thousands of hours of advertising, we have perfected the art of General Market Coverage by air! Using a simple formula, we will guide you in determining the appropriate number of hours necessary to cover a “zone” or predetermined area or route. Once we work together to build your zones and/or routes, leave the work to us to maximize impressions. Want to see where we are flying or where we flew? No worries, ask about our GPS tracking for proof of performance! High Exposure is the only company that offers clients both GPS tracking and secure access to our proprietary scheduling database. Login anytime to view your schedule of future flights as well as details from past flights (flight times, path, pilot comments and images).

Target multiple venues and locations simultaneously or have the flexibility of rotating one or more billboards from market to market. Obtain thousands of impressions at NASCAR, NFL, MLB, MLS, beaches, marathons, concerts, horse races, corporate events, and the list goes on! Reach potential clients where other forms of media fall short.


  • Nationwide Aerial Advertising 800-226-4448

  • Clients Choose High Exposure

    High Exposure understands our client’s goals and their objectives for aerial campaigns. Our clients choose us because we ensure that the optimal markets, prime advertising times, and correct media is used to maximize their return on investment.

  • Proven Medium for Advertising

    Aerial Advertising is recognized by advertisers and ad agencies all across the nation as a proven medium for targeting major markets, beaches and sporting events.

    Research was conducted on four South Florida beaches using a variety of outdoor copy. The findings are as follows:

    • “Within the last 30 minutes, do you recall seeing any aerial advertising flown?” Yes: 88.1% No: 11.9%
    • “Do you recall any of the advertising message?” Recalled brand name correctly. Yes 79.1% No: 20.9%
    • Recalled brand name and 50% or more of message. Yes: 67.1% No:32.9%
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