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High Exposure went above and beyond to support this campaign, and played a vital role in its success. You not only assited us in promoting the campaign with our aerial adverstisment the weekend prior to the event, but you showed us your commitment to our mission with a significantly discounted rate for the ad production. Your customer service was impeccable.
~ Chris Bogusz ~ Make A Wish NJ
Over 7 years that we have partnered with High Exposure, Dave Dempsey and his team have been able to meet Horozon's expectations on maximizing our advertising exposure. Their attention to detail makes it a successful partnership. High Exposure helps us stand out from our competition and supports our continued growth.
~ Mark Aitken ~ Senior VP Horizon Services
Today was even better than we could have ever expected. It had the impact we'd hoped for but couldn't plan! Aside from cooperative January weather, flight plans/security and safe plane/pilot..... First: The TV and web coverage started at 11AM. The anchor is doing his opening stand-up and provides a 'you are there' overview. He says that "there is a plane flying directly above the War Memorial with a banner to expand pre-k -- 50000 kids are waiting. This is one of the issues promised by incoming Gov Murphy......" Second: As now Gov Murphy and his family arrive at the War Memorial, the plane is flying DIRECTLY above and is in his perfect line of vision.
~ Maryanne E. Preztunik ~ Pre K Our Way
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