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High Exposure, Inc. is a national aerial advertising company with multiple airports and assets throughout the nation. Strategic locations allow us to be more cost effective, pass the savings to our customers and provide services throughout the year. We have over 40 years of flight experience and over 22 years in the industry.

Proof of performance is standard with online access to details of any flight. GPS tracking is available upon request. Professional staff of pilots, ground crew, mechanics and office personnel. Calls are always answered or returned within 24 hours. Guaranteed that your banner will fly only when attendance is strong or during good weather over any beach or venue.

Industry Leaders Choose Us

    Our planes are available throughout the East Coast and our strategic partnerships across the nation, High Exposures aerial advertising fleet of powerful engines can reach any target in your strategic marketing plan.
    We have been a leading aerial advertising choice since 1994. High Exposure flies for national corporate clients such as: Wawa, Aetna, Coors Light, Pepsi, Farmers Insurance, Mealy’s Furniture, and others. We also cover the biggest events, like the MLB, NFL, NASCAR and marathons, etc.
    We are the only company that has develpoed a real-time tracking app and secure access to our proprietary scheduling database. Every cleint receives and email the minute their banner takes off. They can then track it in real-time on a Smart phone or computer. Login anytime to view your schedule of future flights as well as details from past flights (flight times, path, pilot comments and images).
    High Exposure is heavy handed in the production process of all aerial billboards. We utilize the leading-edge airplane banner printing technology. We also make sure all aerial billboards meet the minimum recommendations for aerail advetising. Good Visability = Good Results! High Exposure stands behind every aerial billboard we produce, and each one has our High Exposure Guarantee!
    Our pilots are experts and can fly your banners accurately and effectively over any venue. Our planes are maintained and the likelihood of any cancellation due to mechanical problems is very low.
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