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For over 25 years smart advertising agencies, business owners and individuals have grown their customer base from High Exposure’s dominance of the sky. Give your message the impact it deserves above the masses in the big blue sky, where your brand and message takes center stage. Aerial advertising can deliver your message like nothing else can!

We offer custom aerial advertising plans for every need. Click one of the aerial banner options below to learn more:

Agency Aerial Advertising

Amplify your client’s traditional media with a captivating aerial campaign. Take advantage of a large scale national presence .. Read More >


Business Owner Advertising

We dare you to look up! Give your business the lift it needs with High Exposure Aerial Advertising. Aerial advertising is .. Read More >


Personals - Banner Planes

Big time occasions call for big time messages. High Exposure Aerial Advertising can deliver your personal message .. Read More >


High Exposure Inc. is a New Jersey based aerial advertising company with multiple airports and assets throughout the nation to cover every major market and metro area in the United States. Strategic locations around the country allow us to be much more cost effective while passing the savings on to our customers and provide airplane banner advertising throughout the year over any city, beach, sporting eventstadium or outdoor event. Proof of performance comes standard with any aerial advertising campaign via online details, tracks and current location of all aerial banner flights. GPS and real time tracking or our banner planes is always available upon request. High Exposure’s banner airplane fleet has powerful engines that can reach any target in your strategic marketing plan while giving your business the lift it needs.

High Exposure Aerial Advertising flies for national corporate clients such as: WaWa, Aetna, Coors Light, Heineken, Farmer Insurance, Dunkin’ Donuts, and many others. Our airplane banners cover the most popular beaches and the biggest events, including all of MLB, NFL, NCAA Football, NASCAR, and many more. Our aerial banner and billboard design process is extremely streamlined and structured, creating a smooth and effortless ramp-up time for any aerial banner campaign. The printing, assembly, and storage of your airplane banners are all handled by High Exposure’s professional staff to give you peace of mind without any added cost or responsibility.

High Exposure Aerial Advertising flies the largest flying billboards and aerial banners that can reach commuters on their way to and from work, hundreds of thousands of beach goers and spring breakers, up to 250,000 race fans at any given NASCAR speedway, or any venue that you wish. With our nationwide coverage and banner plane mobility mean that with High Exposure Aerial Advertising, the sky truly is the limit! The return on your banner plane advertisement investment is staggering, and compared to traditional media, airplane banners very cost effective and inexpensive. Let High Exposure’s dominance of the sky give your aerial message the impact it deserves!

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