Banner Towing

How effective is airplane banner towing? Why should it be a part of your advertising and branding strategy?

  • You have a message that you want to reach an expansive market. Is there a way to reach thousands of commuters in a single market, in just one hour? (Hmmm… ad placement on Facebook or the radio? Is your buyer living on Facebook? Or even listening to the radio?)
  • Is there a way to reach 200,000 NASCAR fans, or 100,000 football fans immediately after an event? – on a budget?
  • How do you reach people on vacation at the beach?

High Exposure believes that Aerial Advertising can answer those questions. We fly the largest flying billboards and aerial banners that can reach those commuters on their way to or from work, 100,000+ beach goers, up to 250,000 race fans, and any venue of highway corridor that you wish. The return on your advertisement investment is staggering, and compared to traditional media, aerial advertising is not expensive.

We offer various options that could be “free of charge” letter banners (individual block letters delivering your message) to the largest flying  billboards that immediately gain everyone’s attention as they fly overhead.

Other Aerial Advantages Include:

  • The flexibility to fly in one market or multiple, as well as simultaneously or in succession.
  • The banners are re-usable and can be shipped to any location.
  • Live GPS tracking and proof of performance.
  • Only fly in good weather.